Friday, July 29, 2011


During the summer months, in the South, we have frequent and sometimes terrifying thunderstorms. During these storms, not only is the Earth refreshed by the rains, but we also see and experience the awesome and terrifying power contained in these storms. Mighty winds bend and sometimes break large trees. Rain drops feel like tiny missiles stinging your skin. Thunder and lighting popping all around cause you to stay on edge and shrink in fear.

When the storms of life surround you and the waves grow larger by the moment, where can you turn? When you feel as if you are going to be swept away in an ocean churning and tossing, what will be your anchor? How do we overcome our fears in the midst of these storms?

Time and time again, life’s storms claim the victims named hope and faith. People feel they have nowhere to turn and nothing to hold onto. They are convinced that the storm is more powerful and when this happens, they are surely overcome by what they feared.

Yet, the power of these storms and all that they weld pales in comparison to Almighty God! Whether storms of nature or the storms of life, God is master of all. Now, I cannot give you all the answers to why. Nor can I tell you the purpose or the reason for the timing. But I can tell you that if you put your full trust in Christ, fear is replaced with a peace and doubt is relieved by hope and faith. If our constant prayer in the midst of the storm is “Christ be with us,” I know he will see us through!

It was through the power of God that the world was made. And by His power Christ stilled the storm. But the greatest sign of God’s strength and power is the risen Christ who saved our souls!